Seasons showcases beautiful antique offerings of Arcadia residents and collectors, Tom and Linda Shore.

The eclectic pieces, primarily featuring pine and walnut American country furniture are beautifully displayed amidst Seasons’ decorated spring, fall and holiday themed trees. Original and handmade pieces, folk art and painted primitives are the focus for the Shores, who originally displayed antiques at Berridge from 1995-2001.

The Shores have been collecting for over 40 years and have a love for handmade, interesting pieces from the upper Midwest. Tom, a history teacher and Linda, a veteran of the high tech industry spend their retirement on the road unearthing treasures from generations past. Immigrant trunks, chimney cupboards, desks, dining tables, shop benches, pews and fretwork, in addition to vintage children’s toys and furniture are among the items highlighted.

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